Everybody meet the new teacher at Connect! Miles先生

Hello, my name is Miles Davis. I am a 24 year old from Baltimore, Maryland, USA. I went to Lehigh University in Pennsylvania where I studied supply chain management, sustainable development, and Japanese! I am an entrepreneur and own two businesses: a clothing brand called, “The Superiors,” and a shea butter company called, “Superior Shea.” My hobbies are photography, videography, traveling, and making graphic designs. I am a vegan and a lover of nature. I have worked with kids for over 10 years, and love their vibrant energy, and eagerness to learn new things. I look forward to being your new English teacher here at Connect!



私は起業家であり、2つのビジネスを所有しています。服飾ブランド「The Superiors」とシアーバター会社「Superior Shea」です。